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Our Digital Marketing Solutions

Global Marketing

It is to think of penetration, how do you stand out from millions of similar organizations around the world

National Marketing

Strategic national level reaches of business website along with advertising o website that have national appeal.

Hyper Local Marketing

Local marketing increase brand’s discoverability, help drive leads and builds relationships with target audience.

Business Branding

Leads to loyalty, emotional connect and can even protect price when competitors rely on promotional discounts to drive sales.

Performance Marketing

Interactive Digital Marketing Tactics that ensure ROI by pre-defined outcome for the campaign.

Integrated Marketing

Integration of the various components of a marketing strategy for multi-channel communications with potential customers.

Bespoke Solution

Custom-made Digital marketing solution for any business objective / strategic campaign or many more as per your budget range.

Digital Audit & Consultation

Expert detailed review of your digital marketing strategy, implementation and will consult you in getting much better results.

About Us

Individuals & Businesses choose Linguistic Digital, as their online digital marketing partner for varied reasons. Most importantly, we are a one stop shop for an array of digital marketing services and that’s no secret as we take pride in building online success stories.

Linguistic Analysis of Website Data Analytics, Industry Trends & Customer Buying Behavior to design Impactful Digital Strategy for your Business

Our driving force is our team of experts with decades of online marketing experience under their belts and a proven track record of helping businesses make the most of their online presence. Our philosophy is simple. It’s about personal service where getting to know your business, we believe, is the key to online success.




Our Expertise

Web Designing

Our Web designing services are meant to give your business a robust online presence, and to take your services closer to the consumers. The newest trick in web designing entails creating a mobile responsive website; Linguistic Digital will help create a site that’s extremely friendly to anyone accessing it from their mobile phones or any other hand held device.

Web Programming

Once you have your website up and running, the next thing you need to do is known as web programming. This often involves the optimizing of the site to make it safer and capable of meeting some desired actions. Web programming streamlines the user experience on both ends, while also making it easier to manage and retrieve any data.

Mobile App Development

With so many companies offering mobile app development services, it becomes a bit tricky to know which one to go for. However, Linguistic Digital stands out for their exemplary record in this field. They always design and create the perfect apps for all businesses, small and large. A good mobile development service provider ought to be able to actualize the dream of the business owner and this is exactly what you get with Linguistic Digital.

Custom CMS Integration

Custom CMS integration is all about managing the content that you’re disseminating to your consumers out there. Usually, there are template made CMS sites but these aren’t as effective as the customized ones. A custom CMS integrated system helps you the annoying and troublesome pluggins found on third parties that use template based CMS.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Linguistic Digital is your reliable partner for all your search engine optimization needs. Our SEO services ensure that we have polished and freshened up your content so that it’s useful and helpful to visitors. Usually, SEO is all about making you favorable in the eyes of Google and other major search engines. We help you get ranked at the very top.

Social Media Penetration

Social media penetration is a form of business expansion strategy, only that it relies heavily on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and such like. The penetration is especially useful to brands that are looking to introduce a new product to the market. However, even an old or existing product can be reinvented using social media penetration campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM / PPC)

Search engine marketing services are holistic in nature and may employ various tactics. However, one of the commonest tactics is known as PPC, pay per clicks. This is where a site or affiliate marketer earns every time a product is clicked or purchased. PPC is a win-win situation both for the product owner as well as the digital marketer.

Strategic Content Creation and Seeding

In order to create the best strategic content for a marketing campaign, you must be guided by a thorough market research and assessment. At times, you may have to consider things like the gender, age, and other personal details of the market segment you’re targeting. The content created should be relevant to the target audiences.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

If you’re a business manager or one in charge of the customer care, then you must be aware of the term online reputation management (ORM). The online reputation of any brand or business is very vital as it helps maintain brand loyalty and confidence. It entails addressing any and all queries that consumers may have out there, including complaints.

Web 2.0 & Busieness/Product Citation

Business owners should always take advantage of Web 2.0 sites by ensuring that their products are well represented in the various platforms. Known better as product citation, you should share as much feedback and info on your brand as possible on social media and other interactive platforms. When you thrust your product in the midst of hot conversations, you help expose it a lot.

Personal Branding

Personal branding is the first step towards packaging yourself into a desirable and sought after product. Personal branding is more than just dressing smartly or speaking politely; you have to reinvent yourself and establish a robust online presence. Personal branding opens many business doors; you could get picked as a brand ambassador or an influencer marketer.

Influencer Marketing

In this day and age when we have online personalities with huge followings, influencer marketing has become so common. Influencer marketers can be brand advocates who recommend or suggest your products to their followers. This is a smart way of advertizing, whereby you take advantage of a popular online figure and have them help market your brand

Search Performace Marketing

Search performance marketing is one of the many online marketing strategies that bring together advertisers and marketing companies together. The marketers may even be individuals working as Affiliate marketers. The good thing about this form of marketing is that the advertiser only pays once the product has been clicked, or successfully purchased; hence performance based marketing.

Remarketing & Re-targeting

All marketing campaigns target specific groups or segments in order for them to be really effective. But what happens when the results don’t reach the expectations? Well, this is where a strategy called remarketing and retargeting is employed; it is equivalent to doing the same thing again but being guided from mistakes of the past.

Strategic Internet Media penetration

Strategic internet media penetration is a targeted marketing campaign that is conducted on different internet platforms. This campaign can be implemented via different tactics like price reductions, offering bonuses and discounts, etc. Linguistic Digital has been offering these and more services for many years, we are the real pros.

Direct Digital Marketing – Email Marketing

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