Custom CMS Integration

Custom CMS Integration

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  • Online Business / Product Brochures
  • Interactive Visual Content – Video, Image, Infographics etc.
  • Campaign specific Landing Pages, PPC pages, campaign sites
  • Creation of Micro Blog, Customer Forum etc.

How It Works

Introduce new concepts for customer relationship management (CRM)

Digital marketing continues to introduce new concepts and ways of reaching out to the consumer; customer relationship management (CRM) is one such example. CRM helps you reach out to your audiences with a personalized and branded message. Linguistic Digital is here to help you customize and integrate CMS into your website; this is the new strategy used to achieve a seamless, harmonized user experience. Although there are template based systems to help integrate your CMS, you should always avoid those and opt for a customized one.


The major problem with template based CMS is that they expose you to risks from third integrations. You’ll more often than not be forced to use plugin that aren’t connected to the platform you’re hoping to integrate with. But when it comes to a custom made CMS, we are able to build that with your integration in mind. All features that we include are always informed by what you want in your website and back end. You thus have a unified system that’s easier and smoother to work with, compared to the former. Linguistic Digital has a team of qualified and experienced programmers and developers to help customize and integrate your CMS.


Technical problems are always bound to arise even to the best managed or designed sites. However, things can get messy and harder to sort where third party plugins are involved; this is often the case in the template based CMS like WordPress. This is however not the case with a custom made CMS that has been purposefully integrated into your site. We’re always on standby to offer you any technical support in a prompt and timely manner. Custom CMS is always the better option, contact Linguistic Digital today and we’ll promptly get back to you.

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