Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

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  • Immediate Business Impact
  • Performance based Business Lead Generation Model
  • High Goal Conversion Rate
  • Enable multiple audience targeting options

How It Works

Google Adwords are especially popular for paid advertizing

Search engine marketing is a broad term that is used to refer all efforts used in SEO as well as paid searches. These include PPC (paid per click) activities. PPC is common in ads found in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Google AdWords are especially popular; we will help your brand make the most out of paid advertizing. Our SEM strategies have been tried and tested, and we always guarantee you of positive results. Linguistic Digital relies on a wide variety of the latest tactics in digital marketing.


Initially, search engine optimization was the Holy Grail; websites rushed to optimize their content and stuff them with keywords, just to attain a higher ranking. But Google soon realized this and today, the bar has been raised higher. We always recommend to business owners that SEO alone isn’t enough; it has to be coupled with vibrant social media presence, back linking, blogging, offering bonuses and coupons, to mention but a few. SEM calls for a multi faceted approach that brings on board all the strategies possible, with a common goal of converting traffic into sales.

Understanding how PPC works

Pay per clicks basically means that an advertiser pays the website owner a certain amount of money, each time an ad is clicked. Bing Ads, Google AdWords are some of the most common examples of PPC. However, it’s never that straightforward; these ads have to be placed in sites that have related or similar keywords. Which is where we come in; ours is to help hook you up with reputable and credible brands that are related to your site. How? We simply program your website to pick up ads that are related to keywords in your content. These are known as sponsored ads or sponsored links and we’ll show you how to make cool cash out of the same.

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